Organizational structure of the Secretariat of the Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources – HCENR:


  • General Directorate of Policies, Planning and Environmental Awareness
  1. Policies and Planning Department
  2. Research and Information Department
  3. Environmental Education and Awareness Department


  • General Directorate of Environmental Control
  1. Environmental Inspection Department
  2. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Department
  3. Biosafety Department


  • General Directorate of Sustainable Resource Use and Ecological Balance
  1. Biodiversity Conservation Department
  2. Desertification and Land Degradation Control Department
  3. Marine Environment Department


  • General Directorate of Climatic Changes, Natural Disasters and Waste Management
  1. Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Department
  2. Crisis and Natural Disasters Department
  3. Waste Treatment and Pollution Control Department


  • General Directorate of Human and Financial Resources
  1. Human Resources Department
  2. Financial Resources Department
  3. Department of Administrative Affairs and Services