Sudan Youth NDCs Forum Workshop


With about 1.8 billion of the global population are youth, they became the largest generation the planet has ever seen. young people are not only victims of climate change, they are also valuable contributors to climate actions and play key role in leaving no-one behind. So supporting and strengthen youth especially women to lead climate actions. Youth are key to implementation of NDCs , their vibrant energy  is proven change driver and critical to transformational world

Taking these statements further, stakeholders in the different sectors came together and in  Youth forum workshop offered  opportunity  to empowerment of youth  by giving them not only knowledge NDCs but space to where they can articulate their vision about the implementation of NDCs.

The Higher Council of Environment and Natural resources (HCENR) in collaboration with UNDP organized the first national NDC-Youth training program in Sudan. The 3-day training program was conducted in-person from 11th to 13th of October 2023 held in Petronas buildings in Khartoum city, virtual participation of presenters was likewise part of the   program. The main aim of the program was to link youth activists and youth-led organizations with wider network of stakeholders as well as entities that having youth focused programs. The program focused on achieving the 3 targets.

  • Establish youth plant forum and take necessary forum members,
  • Provide awareness raising session about Climate Change issues and NDCs in Sudan,
  • Create  space for youth to   practice ideation and  develop project ideas for implementation of NDCs .


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