Improving people’s lives: a success story from Gora Doras village, Alsunut locality

In West Kordofan, higher temperatures and more variable rainfall have resulted in crop failure, increased pest incidence, and farmer out-migration. The project to build climate resilience in the traditional agricultural and pastoral sectors in West Kordofan state began with the distribution of improved seeds to rural communities with the goal of increasing the resilience of communities in the agricultural sector by adopting varieties of fast-ripening seeds that are drought resistant, especially in light of climate change, in order to increase production and achieve food security. The distribution covered nine settlements in three localities (Al-Sunut, Al-Fula, and Al-Nohoud). In addition, Enlighten the communities to familiarize them with the project, its components, objectives, donors, and the activities in which the project intervenes with the communities throughout the life of the project.


Fatima Abdalkareem: a woman from Gora Doras village, Fatima has 35 years and she is responsible for her 9 children (6 girls and 3 boys). Fatima owns a Jubraka which means ‘home garden’ and it is less than a quarter of an acre,  the Jubraka seeds have been provided by the end of July through the project officers, these seeds include okra, watermelon, cucumber, maize, arugula, eggplant and others. Moreover, Fatima drying up the excess market need of okra.

“The project provided me with the seeds and therefore I succeed to sell the crops in the local market. I would like to thank the project officers” said Fatima. In addition, the income from this Jubraka helped Fatima’s family in a very critical period. It is worth noting that before the project, Fatima used to buy the seeds from the local market at a very high price and limited variety in comparison to the project’s seeds, which were plentiful and diverse. At the end, she mentioned that the watermelon sales reach an average of 700 watermelons and the earning is approximately 210000 SDG for watermelons, 12000 SDG for cucumbers, 25000 SDG for okra and 50000 SDG for dried okra.