National consultant announcement

Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources

Strengthened Protected Areas System and Integrated Eco system Management Project (SPAS)

The higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources (HCNER) has received a grant from Global Environment Facility (GEF) and United Nation Development Program me to implement a project titled: Strengthened Protected Areas System and Integrated Ecosystem Management in Sudan, the objectives of the project:

To strengthen national Protected Areas (PAs) system in Sudan, promote biodiversity conservation, mitigate land degradation, sustain ecosystem services and improve communities -living in adjutants of selected PAs- livelihood. To achieve these objectives 4 component strategy will be implemented they are: –

Component 1: Enabling environment established at the National level to approve different strategies (Polices, legislation, funding expansion eco-tourism etc.).Componenet2: Improve management efficiency at selected Sites, the outcome is to increase their score by 20% during the project duration. Component 3: Integrated Natural Resources management in multi-landscape in and around targeted PAs (by restoration of natural resources ,community based integrated Natural Resources management and training of communities on land use).Component 4: Knowledge Management, Gender Mainstreaming and Monitoring and Evaluation.

Output 1.6. Strategy for consolidated and effective financing and financial management of Sudan’s national system of PAs developed and implemented.

This output will involve the development and early implementation of a national protected areas sustainable financing strategy, agreed by federal and state governments. Best practice guidelines and networks will be utilised to ensure the process is both supported and up to date as possible. Technical expertise will be sought either directly from, or in consultation with, successful players in the world of sustainable financing for protected areas, marine and terrestrial.

The project seek to recruit a national consultant to carry out national protected areas financing strategy the scope of the work include the following:

  1. In depth analysis of current Protected Areas financial system to determine what financing and resourcing option are being used, PAs finance needs and Gaps as well as including a broad overview of how funds are currently being spend. Potential new innovation.
  2. To compare the current financing system of the regional and international systems.
  3. To be able to engage with WCPA, African Parks Networks, IUCN and conservationfinancialalliance.0rg.
  4. The proposed of Protected Areas financing strategy document should be suitable, accepted and approved by WCGA, ministry of Finance and other stakeholders.
  5. Consultation at national level and lead the final validation workshop.
  6. Training the WCGA and protected areas staff on Protected areas financing strategy (to assist them in understanding what financing and resourcing option are available , which to use when and how, and best practices related to each . the aim is to build capacities to improve financing and resourcing of Pas)
  7. To be able to submit technical and financial proposals and time frame for completion of his work.
  8. To produce the final document of national protected areas sustainable financing strategy, in English and Arabic.



  1. At least a B.SC. in Environment, Natural resources, economic and financial or any related field, higher degrees are an advantage.
  2. 10 years’ experience in Environmental economic, working and experience in wildlife and PAs is an advantage.
  3. Experience in Government financing system. Experience in working on financing for conservation would be considered highly desirable.
  4. Should be aware of international environmental, biodiversity international conventions especially those related to wildlife and PAs.
  5. Should be fluent in English and Arabic.

Interested consultants should submit their applications letter and CVs (hard or soft copy) to:

The office of the Secretary General of HCENR

Mekk Nimir Street – Khartoum P.O Box 10488 or (PAs) project office – el Jamaa Street

Or by email to:   or  


Deadline for application is two weeks after this announcement