Institutional Structure Specialist

Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources (HCENR)


Institutional Structure Specialist

Post: Institutional Structure Specialist


Project: Sudan’s Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency Project
Application Deadline: 10/ 08/2022
Duration of the project 4 years
Expected starting date: Immediately
Duration of contract: 38 weeks / over 4 years
Duty Station Khartoum with travel to the states,


One of the CBIT project objectives is to strengthen the capacities of national institutions and stakeholders to coordinate and implement Sudan’s obligations on climate change transparency for actions and support regularly and through good practices. This can be achieved when proper legal, procedural, and effective institutional structures are put in place.

The institutional restructuring specialist(s) will be responsible of gathering information about the current institutional arrangements and climate change reporting system and identify the gaps. The specialist shall understand the legal and procedural arrangements required to meet the transparency obligations. S/he shall communicate with the climate change unit at Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources (HCENR) to understand the needs in order to plan for establishment of inter-institutional transparency coordination mechanism as part of Component A.
1. Ensure the preparation of tasks related to strengthening of national institutions according to the first outcome of the project
2. To analyze the current institutional arrangements and climate change reporting system in light of the transparency requirements under the Paris Agreement and to assess the constraints, gaps and needs
3. To  plan activities required to establish legal and procedural arrangements for meeting Sudan’s obligations on transparency.

  1. To understand the ongoing projects managed by the Climate Change unit at HCENR and to assess the needs in order to strengthen its role in coordinating transparency related activities.
    5. To assess the requirements to establish inter-institutional transparency coordination mechanisms including technical teams.
    6. Ensure the preparation of HCENR capacity assessments and discussions on management arrangements of the project;
    7. Secure and present agreements on project oversight and management arrangements with different national institutions and ensure that the project aligns to UNDP-GEF guidance on UNDP oversight.
    5) Preparatory Technical Studies and Reviews (Component 1): Prepare inputs and support the required analyses/studies, as agreed with the PM, including: Current institutional arrangements and climate change reporting system, MRV system including legal and procedural arrangements, Analysis the needs and gaps in the climate change unit at HCENR.
    6) Prepare the institutional arrangement action plan and budget which include the establishment of inter-institutional transparency coordination mechanism.
    7) Contribute to the inception and validation workshops and support all necessary revisions that arise during the workshop, as appropriate.

    1-Master’s degree or higher in a relevant field
    2-Minimum 10 years of demonstrable experience in the technical area of institutional/organizational restructuring and in preparing high quality project documents, particularly for UNDP and GEF projects;
    3- Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Arabic;
    4- Demonstrated understanding of the GEF rationale and procedures, and demonstrated experience in formulation of GEF-funded project proposals, using the logical framework and the results-based management approaches;
    5- Knowledge of and experience in climate change, legal and institutional frame work of the Sudan government,
    6- Experience working on related initiatives is highly desired.

Application Procedure:


The office of the Secretary General of HCENR

Mekk Nimir Street – Khartoum P.O Box 10488

or by email to: and do a copy to mail