Tendency to network the websites of environmental institutions

Within the knowledge management component, Strengthening targeted capacities for improved decision making and main streaming of global environmental obligations project, at the Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources, organized today at Al Salam Hotel in Khartoum a reflective meeting on improving the performance of websites and exchanging information for institutions working in the field of environment.

The national director of the project, Professor Miqdam Sheikh Abdul-Ghani, on behalf of the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Environment, said that the project implemented many courses and training programs in the field of Internet access. Through the training courses the websites of environmental partners in Khartoum and the states were activated. He indicated that the project is in the process of developing policies for data sharing and discussing ways to network sites for the benefit of all parties.

The project advisor on Internet access, Mr. Tariq Al-Khair, presented a paper on government websites, their implementation, advantages, areas of services and continuity, and he was introduced to the current status of the institutions’ websites.

Fath Al-Rahman Yousef Al-Khidr, lecturer at Future University, addressed the importance of information availability and databases in reducing duplication of work, reducing spending, attracting support and solving environmental problems.

Maulana Yasser Ahmed Salih, project advisor for the component of laws and legislation give a presentation on environmental laws in Sudan and the legal status of websites, and he affirmed the human right to obtain public information unless it is restricted by law, and talk also about laws regulating information, including the right of intellectual property upon publication.