Environmental Awareness and Media

Strengthening targeted capacities for improved decision making and main streaming of global environmental obligations project, at the Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources, organized today a reflective workshop on enhancing the capabilities of the council’s employees in the field of awareness, media and information at the Sudanese Banks Union. The aim of the workshop is to identify the profile of the departments and to develop amendments to move forward in better performance of the council’s mission.

The workshop was chaired by Professor Miqdam Sheikh Abdul Ghani, the national director of the project. Three working papers were presented by the project consultants, which included electronic media presented by Tariq Al-Khair; environmental legislation paper presented by Maulana Yasser Ahmed Saleh, and environmental media presented by Khaled Abdel Aziz.

The workshop witnessed rich and fruitful deliberations, and it showed that there is a lag between environmental awareness and information and the achievements and more attention is needed to keep pace with environmental progress. Moreover, there is a lack of staff, tools and training.

The workshop revealed a weakness in the relationship between the Council and the implemented projects. It recommended the necessity of raising the capacities of the media, awareness and information cadres and coordinating between them in developing a unified and strategic plan for the media and awareness message in the short and long term.

The workshop also recommended getting benefit from of the opportunities available in the council, activating the website by the departments to achieve the council’s goal as a reference for environmental work in Sudan and feeding it with information for the benefit of the students. The workshop demand a coherent unity among the workers and creating a permanent dialogue to reach collective solutions to environmental problems