Resilience project serves the vulnerable segments.

The mandated Governor of West Kordofan State, Hassan Musa Issa, announced the state’s full commitment and cooperation to implement the activities of Building Resilience in the face of Climate Change within Traditional Rain fed Agricultural and Pastoral Systems in Sudan. The project is funded by the Green Climate Fund through the United Nations Program and implemented by the Supreme Council for Environment and Natural Resources.

He stressed his state dire need for the project. The project serves the vulnerable segments of society, including women and children, besides animals. When meeting, in his office yesterday with the supervisory mission that is visiting the state to identify the activities of the project.  He ask them to increase water projects. He added that the state’s scattered communities and villages make the provision of protection a major challenge to the state government. He aspire the outside community to help Sudan, since it is a poor country in providing basic services.

He said: The environment still needs a lot. He refers to the impact of oil exploration on humans and animals.  He affirms the importance of the project in the stability of villages and communities after providing water sources, wells and excavations, in addition to reduce friction between these communities.

On her part, Intisar Salih, representative of the United Nations Development Program, expected that there would be tangible steps and a clear development in the water component in West Kordofan State. She considered the water component contribute to incite   the other components of agriculture and grazing. She called on the governor to work on the sustainability of the project’s activities by allocating lands for women’s farms and registering their own associations.

In water sector , engineer Montaser Bashri from the Ministry of Irrigation and a member of the technical committee confirmed the project allocating a large budget for intervention in the water field in the sector , which includes Rehabilitation and drilling of a number of wells, pits and dams (28) distributed among the localities of (Al-Sinout, Al-Nuhud, and Al-Fula).

He said: The sites will be handed over to the companies that were awarded the tender within the coming days. He pointed out that the work will be integrated in water interventions, which contributes to the development of vulnerable communities, especially since water is an essential component.